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Channel 4 investigators took that previous Twitter handle and searched other social networks to see if they could find anyone using it. That led them to a Google+ account, and then to a Facebook page. There they found photos and other details about a man living in Bangalore who worked as a marketing executive for an Indian company. Soon, they had him on the phone: He confirmed that he was behind the ShamiWitness account.

The result was an Comme des Garcons Wendy Collar Dress Black dTQ658ya
. That report caused the man behind the Twitter account to stop tweeting.

Channel 4 used publicly available data and information to produce journalism that shut down a key source of propaganda and recruitment for the Islamic State.

Journalists, human rights workers and others are constantly making use of open data, user-generated content and other open source information to produce critically important investigations of everything from conflict zones to human rights abuse cases and international corruption.

“Open source information, which is information freely available to anyone through the Internet — think YouTube, Google Maps, Reddit — has made it possible for ANYONE to gather information and source others, through social media networks,” wrote Eliot Higgins on the Kickstarter campaign page for his open source investigations website, Bellingcat. “Think the Syrian Civil War. Think the Arab Spring.”

The abundance of open source information available online and in databases means that just about any investigation today should incorporate the search, gathering and verification of open source information. This has become inseparable from the work of cultivating sources, securing confidential information and other investigative tactics that rely on hidden or less-public information. Journalists and other who develop and maintain the ability to properly search, discover, analyze and verify this material will deliver better, more comprehensive investigations.

Higgins, who also goes by the pseudonym Brown Moses, is living proof of the power of open source information when combined with dedication and strong verification practices. He has become an internationally recognized expert in the Syrian conflict and the downing of Flight MH17 in Ukraine, to name but two examples. His website, Bellingcat, is where he and others now use open source materials to produce unique and credible investigate work.

In February 2015, Bellingcat launched a project to track the vehicles being used in the conflict in Ukraine. They invited the public to submit images or footage of military vehicles spotted in the conflict zone, and to help analyze images and footage that had been discovered from social networks and other sources. In its first week of operation, the project added 71 new entries to the vehicles database, almost doubling the amount of information they had previously collected . These were photos, videos and other pieces of evidence that were gathered from publicly available sources, and they told the story of the conflict in a way no one had before.

(2.50) Kurt Geiger Kg Baird Chukka Boots Brown ExsmKITGz
x u n + 1 + y v n + 1 + r w n + 1 = 0

As before, the explicit predictions for momentum are consolidated as:

u = u n + Δ t G ( n + 1 / 2 ) u v = v n + Δ t G ( n + 1 / 2 ) v w = w n + Δ t G ( n + 1 / 2 ) w

but this time we introduce an intermediate step by splitting the tendency of the flow as follows:

u n + 1 = u Δ t x ϕ n + 1 n h u = u Δ t g x η n + 1 v n + 1 = v Δ t y ϕ n + 1 n h v = v Δ t g y η n + 1

Substituting into the depth integrated continuity (equation (2.11) ) gives

Rose Point Navigation Systems is working with system developers at NOAA’s Morgan amp; Company Juniors Printed High Low Gown Black Multi jLdhsmM3v
(NCEI) and with hydrographic experts at Coast Survey and others who are collaborating on an international effort to maintain crowdsourced bathymetry. In a beta test released on May 13, 2016 , Rose Point has added a new feature to Coastal Explorer that gives users an option to send anonymous GPS position and soundings data to a new international database managed by NCEI. After getting permission from users, Rose Point systems will generate data log files of positions, depths, and time, and automatically transmit the files to the data center, where Coast Survey can pull the data to compare it to nautical charts.

Using data from private sources is not new for Coast Survey. Private interactive cruising guides and other internet-based enterprises have set up services that allow commercial mariners and recreational boaters to share information about navigation hazards they see (or experience) while on the water.The United States Power Squadrons and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary have a decades-long tradition of sharing updates through our cooperative charting programs. Butthe lack of appropriate software and integration between sources has hampered efforts to usethe informationto its full potential.

Hydrographic offices around the world are re-thinking crowdsourced bathymetry. In October 2014, Coast Survey led the U.S. delegation to the Fifth Extraordinary International Hydrographic Conference , with Rear Admiral Gerd Glang at the helm. At this meeting, the U.S. and France jointly proposed an initiative (see Marchesa Notte Tiered Lace Dress Pink And Purple 0o78ar
) that introduced crowdsourced bathymetry as a recognized source of data for nautical charts. One of the results of that initiative was the formation of the IHO Crowdsourced Bathymetry Working Group (IHO CSBWG) that set out to develop crowdsourcing principles and guidelines, and then offer a platform for sharing best practices around the world.

Working hand-in-hand with NCEI, the working group has developed a database that can receive volunteered bathymetric data. Data can come from anyone in the world, and everyone can access it.

Crowdsourced reports serve an important role in focusing attention on trouble areas. The data helps cartographers determine whether a charted area needs to be re-surveyed, or if they can make changes based on the information at hand. Even with very sparse data, cartographers can make improvements to nautical charts.

Agreeing in principle to use crowdsourced data is much different than applying the system to the vigor of data transmission from moving vessels, however, so Coast Survey experts contributed hydrographic expertise and system testing. Using Rose Point’s Baggu Mini Camera Bag Warm Red LxJm6kUIX
, Coast Survey Research Vessel Bay Hydro II transmitted “crowdsourced” data using log files that were automatically produced by the electronic charting systemsoftware. ( Bay Hydro II is Coast Survey’s primary platform to test and evaluate new hydrographic survey technologies.)

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